About Us

Pragya Public School is a community of learners including students, parents and staff who are dedicated to creating an academically rigorous, culturally caring and inclusive learning environment.  Download our Brochure for more details.


Who We Are

Every parent wants to provide their child with everything within their means that will ensure a bright future. Pragya Public means that parents’ should be able to choose the schooling they think is right for their child. 

 Today Pragya Public exists for rich and middle class parents who have a variety of private schools they can send their children to. Parents with low incomes are also making large investments in their children’s future. Some low income parents spend upto 50% of their income on the education of their children.

However there are still poorer parents who, in spite of their aspirations, cannot afford to choose the best education that their child can get. These parents are forced to send their children to government schools.

Parental choice can help make government schools more accountable and efficient, by allowing parents to make the most basic decision about which school their children will go to. This is the best way of achieving the twin goals of delivering the child’s right to education (now enshrined in the constitution), and the parents’ right to choose what is best for their child.





Why Choose Us

PPS students, faculty, and staff are pioneering a new way of thinking that suits the diverse global community of today and tomorrow. Pragya Public is a new model for education; a 21st century curriculum for a rapidly changing and rapidly shrinking planet that emphasizes experiential learning, hands-on research, and active exchanges. we prepare students to be leaders and innovators in their studies and their future careers.

What is the kind of security offered to the students?

The school has installed CCTV in all classrooms. Students are always accompanied by teachers or the class monitors when they are moving from one block to the other.

Does the school conduct any outbound trips?

Yes, School provides outbound trip for the students annually. These trips are optional, and are pay per basis.

Does the school cater to children with special needs?

School provides the extra care and remedial classes for special children with special needs.

For all admissions-related enquiries, please contact the Head of Admissions.


Kavirampur, Baragaon
(Near Police Station), Varanasi, 221204