What makes our school special?

Pragya Public School is a school that parents trust and where students flourish, day after day.

A welcoming and creative environment

Our school is designed to help them discover the joy of learning — a secure place to explore, grow and make new friends.

Here we offer a highly personalised international education which is both traditional in its values while innovative in its methods, with the aim of supporting students to become curious, enthusiastic and resilient learners.

We deliver excellent academic outcomes for all our students

Our students achieve a pass rate of over 95% in the Campus and consistently score over the global average for the IB Diploma. 

In our annual parent survey, 94% of parents stated that their child receives a high-quality education at Our campus.

With these excellent academic outcomes, the majority of our students go on to the university of their choice, including universities ranked among  the top colleges.

We think beyond traditional education to transform learning

We educate your child for the future. Our class curricula are enriched by one-of-a-kind collaborations with world-leading organisations UNICEF.


Our students also participate in unique programmes in social entrepreneurship and IT coding.


Our approach, which integrates personalised learning and positive discipline, enables our students not only to achieve outstanding academic results but also develop the skills and mind-set to thrive in a changing world. 

Our Dedicated Teachers Enhance your child’s Learning. We recruit and retain outstanding Teachers

Our team of experienced staff are adept at integrating students from all nationalities and backgrounds to ensure a smooth start to their studies.


Our teachers benefit from world-leading professional development, both within the school and through extensive training programmes.


In our annual parent survey, 91% of parents report that their child has a good relationship with their teachers.